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Inflatable Boat and Raft Repair Kits, ToobSeal® Interior Repair    Sealant, Elixir™ Inflatable Boat Cleaning Kit and
     SoftChocks® Removable Dinghy Chocks.
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ToobSeal® Inflatable Boat Interior Sealer stops slow seam leaks and porosity using an extraordinary latex based formula. ToobSeal® is for use with both Hypalon®, PVC inflatable boats, whitewater rafts, towables, pool toys and snow tubes. Our safe and easy to use sealer adheres to the interior fabric of the tube, sealing slow leaks and prevents potential leaks from arising. Hard to find leaks are treated and cured from the inside. ToobSeal® will not discolor Hypalon® fabric like other sealants. Available in two sizes; gallon and quart. Learn more about ToobSeal®

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Stop tripping over hazardous metal deck chocks that can damage your dinghy. SoftChocks® are a lightweight yet incredibly stable, removable deck chock perfect for your inflatable, RIB or hard shell tender. SoftChocks® are made of the highest density marine grade closed cell foam available which is the same buoyant material used in lifejackets and floating docks. These chocks are handmade in the US using only the highest quality materials. Accept no imitations!! Learn more about SoftChocks

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Bixler's inflatable boat repair kit is the only kit available with all the materials required to do your own repair as well as 8 oz of Toobseal liquid interior sealant, enough to repair one air chamber of your boat. Our kits can repair PVC, Hypalon or Neoprene inflatable boats or rafts using a tough bonding formula. Kit includes cleaning solvent and 6in x 12in heavy reinforcing pvc or hypalon fabric to assure long lasting repairs on dinghies, sport boats and other inflatable craft (gloves and masking tape not included). Kit also includes roller rasp, brushes, sand paper and instructions. Preserves buoyancy and resists cuts, cracks and impact. Packaged in resealable plastic bag. Learn more about Inflatable Boat Repair Kits


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Restore and Revitalize your inflatable to like-new condition
Bixler’s Elixer 3 Step Inflatable Boat Cleaner revitalizes faded and stained inflatables by removing oxidation, dirt, deep stains, diesel fuel and oil with ease. Our exclusive formula shines and protects. Safe for all PVC and Hypalon inflatables. Contains NO silicones or petroleum distillates which can harm your boat. Environmentally safe. Contains: 1 quart spray cleaner, 8 oz deep cleaner with mild abrasive, 16 oz sealant Learn more about Elixir